About the Artist

Philip Taylor

Born in Ohio, raised in Pittsburgh, and transplanted to San Diego in the early 1980s, I am the father of two adult children and currently reside in San Diego with my wife and two cats. As the child of a piano-teacher mother of a family of musicians, my mom astutely recognized my artistic talent (probably because of my obvious lack of musical talent) early on and was very encouraging when it came to driving me all over town to assorted drawing and painting classes and trips to museums. After graduating college and relocating to San Diego I began a career in the graphic design and advertising industry and took an extended vacation from the fine art world.

A few years ago I got inspired, dug out my old paints and painted a portrait of my then 10-year old daughter. A short time later I got enticed into the airplane wing “bomber art” project by a buddy of mine and things were sort of on again art-wise. 

Currently, my art is focused in two primary directions that stem from one BIG question. And that question essentially is “What is the true nature of reality?” A life-long agnostic with a basic ‘Cosmos” level knowledge of astronomy and particle physics, a couple of years ago I decided to bring my current understanding up to speed and started reading everything I could about theoretical physics and cosmology. Then I discovered podcasts and got drawn in a little deeper and now I find myself wondering whether it’s worth it at my age to attempt to learn quantum mechanics. The thought of all that math intimidates me somewhat.

Simply put, my art (“my art” – man, that sounds pompous) is my attempt to understand my place in the Universe. To reach this end I’ve found two avenues of exploration. At the everyday experiential level, one of my most favorite places to be is somewhere under a canopy of trees with the motion of the breeze and the light filtering down through the branches and so I very much enjoy trying to capture the feeling of being in nature and to do it in a loose impressionistic style.

At the philosophical and theoretical level, I understand that what we see and experience at this scale, on OUR plane of existence, is very different from how the world really works at the sub-atomic scale and, frankly, I’m becoming more than a little concerned that physicists won’t discover a so-called “Theory of Everything” before my time here runs out. So, thus far what may appear to be abstract paintings are actually my attempts to interpret and portray the various strange and complex physics hypotheses about which I’ve read. The limitations of working 2-D first led to some sculptural pieces in ceramic which then later inspired a series of hanging wood sculptures depicting similar concepts. I hope to do more sculptural work in wood.

My wife had thoughtfully suggested that I start a journal to document the stories behind some of these weird creations, so I figured this website could do that and simultaneously provide an avenue for collectors of original art to purchase a piece directly or commission something special if the mood so strikes them.

Thank you again for visiting my site and please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions or, even better, would like to make a purchase.

Prices shown do not include California sales tax, which is 7.75%, or packaging, shipping, and delivery if you are outside of San Diego County.

All artwork is the property of Philip Taylor and is under copyright (even after purchase). The artwork and photos on this website may not be copied, reproduced, or used in any form without the express written consent of Philip Taylor.