the archives

Fine Art

I draw inspiration for my art principally from the things in life that surround and interest me – my family (and friends) and my environment, both locally on the trails of Southern California, and philosophically in what has become a thought-provoking quest to discover the true nature of reality (in a theoretical physics/quantum mechanics/cosmology sort of way).


The majority of the nature work is referenced from photos I take while hiking about and the abstracts are mainly my attempts to interpret or depict some complex physics concept I’ve read about.


I’ve categorized my Fine Art samples as follows:

  1. Paintings and Illustration – I typically work in acrylics with brush or knife on stretched canvases.
  2. Sculptures – ceramic and wood
  3. Photo/Digital – currently this section is a repository for images that I’ve taken for potential paintings or that I just like as is. Possible future digital art also.
  4. The Archives – this section comprises some treasured artifacts preserved from my youth and an assortment of other oddball projects (woodworking and furniture design, volunteer stuff) that I’ve produced over the years.

Thank you for viewing.